When the Tip is One Dollar


So many times, so MANY times, waitress friends told me, “Christians are the worst tippers!” and “I always hope my day to work doesn’t fall on Sunday.”

It broke my heart.

I started asking the Lord, point-blank, every time I was in a tipping situation, What amount would YOU have me give?

Usually, it’s an amount over and beyond what I would’ve thought of on my own. It’s a sign that God and I are walking together in this life. Peace follows Him, and it’s always a by-product.

Welp. Apparently, so is pride.

Because today? Today He pulled a fast one.

I was in a tipping situation, where my guess was we’d be tipping $10. Maybe $15. Maybe $20. And I just waited for the number.



I asked again, because surely I had entered my own selfish thoughts into the equation.

Same answer. One buck.

I had some time to think about it, and all I could imagine was how embarrassed I’d be when I handed out my $1 tip to a job well-done.


“Embarrassing” started to not cover it. “Ashamed” started feeling like the right word.

Are you sure, God? Because I’d really rather tip more… Isn’t that the right thing to do?

Wrestle, wrestle.

Me vs. the Word, me vs. my pride, me vs. Abba who loves everyone a whole lot more than I can fathom.

In the end, I chose obedience. And I felt the shame.

But then, something cool happened.

God reminded me, sometimes an individual needs a sign. They’ve asked for one, and they are waiting for one.

Sometimes, individuals need a guide. A turning point, so they are facing the right direction.

God is the giver of signs and wonders. He is the ultimate guide, both to the believer and the pagan. He loves us both. If He wishes to use me to deliver the sign (one that doesn’t go against His Word, mind you), disobedience would be treachery. Hypocrisy. My unwillingness to obey what I’ve heard would be spit in His face.

He speaks to me and longs to speak to others that will listen. I must obey. I must. Even when it’s really freaking uncomfortable.

$1 is uncomfortable.

But in the light of one soul getting their sign, finding their North Star, becoming aware of Jesus’ love, what is that discomfort?

So, I’m back to square one. Always asking Him what to tip.

And obeying, however grand or however small the number may be.

Only One sees it all.

1 Samuel 15:22

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