To Bath Or Not To Bath

bathtimepicSometimes I like to be spontaneous with a surprise bath time for myself.

I walk into the Master bathroom to do something else entirely, say, return a hair comb or put up towels, and it’s like the tub calls to me.

“You are a Princess! You deserve a hot bath. Just a short one. Just for 5 minutes! (Or 20…) Come soak! Look, there’s Epsom salt ready, it’d be easy to fill ‘er up and hop in!”

Over the years I’ve learned not to reject that call. It’s sacred time alone, bath time is. Holy moments have been made in that tub, talking with God and allowing Him to sort out life for me. I make it hard, but He makes it easy. And it all begins with a bath.

So, today: to bath or not to bath, that is the question.

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