Thoughts on Writing My Villain


I don’t like to get into fictional villains’ minds. But, today, it came to that point in my novel. I just couldn’t get any further in editing without delving into what made my book’s bad guy/people so bad.

Bad Guy/People Backstory.

That’s what I’ll probably call it. In the future. Most of my books have bad guys. I mean. Come on. Good is not good without the bad.

I still don’t like the exercise, though. Exploring the questions… “Why did they become this way?” “Will anything change them? Can they change? Will they become whole or different?”

When bad guys refuse to change, they usually meet a sad end.

For me, *raises hand and waves* the one trying to live loved, to be looking at ways these bad guys meet the end of the line… It’s just so wrong. I’m grateful it’s fiction, but still.

I get to this side of mucking through my bad guys’ innards and just look up.

“God? Why didn’t you just take the bad guys away? Why didn’t they all get ended?”

I have a niggling in the back of my mind.

Something about that grace stuff.

There are stories made up of real lives lived.

Sometimes, bad guys turn into good guys. Through Jesus. Through meeting love. Then, when the lost get found, more good happens in other stories.


I wonder if there is a way for me to make that happen in my books, too.


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