The Process


The emotional status of my world is MIA. I’m not sure where it went.

All I know is that I’m here, writing this in bed, after a long day of being in bed, and thinking thoughts.

Migraine meds do that to a girl.

But so does knowing Adonai is up to stuff.

And He is.

My life went from a struggle day to day, to a prayerful, trusting, surrendering, who-am-I-? place.

I could blame the 40 days of prayer that our church is participating in. But that’s not it.

I could blame the 2-year mark of our marriage that looms close, as many walls have fallen, and now I feel more assured and less “this is what a wife looks like”… however, that in itself cannot be it either.

I could blame my life, and the fact that the migraines are still here, even though I’ve rebuked, fasted, begged for them to be gone. No. That lot isn’t powerful enough for this.

The significance of the spiritual realm, that which is unseen, begs for my attention every moment of every day. I am sure this is not a mistake, and God Himself is after me.

My life, my thoughts, my plans, my inabilities and my abilities are being circumvented in Him, who He is, and who He made me to be and become.

The process is delightful.


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