Spring 2016 Books Acquired

Here are the book titles Husband and I bought during the Spring of 2016. I know there are a lot of avid readers out there who want to get one more fantastic book to read. Maybe for the summer. These books would not have entered my life without a seriously, good, big reason, as I don’t really read anymore. (Too much editing and writing!) These made it in, however! So maybe they will make it in to your busy life, too. πŸ™‚

I’ve added any worthy notes next to the titles.


For Men Only
This book has been the most influential book Husband has read to understand me and the way women think. We were both single for so long, we needed good, researched facts. That’s what this contains for men. Husband was so blessed by this book, he tries to read it once a year as a re-cap. It was bought again for Year 2 of marriage. (Click on the book cover to read more.)


For Women Only
This book has been the most influential book I have read to help me understand men and the way they think. No joke. As a counterpart for ‘For Men Only,’ I try to read this once a year, too. We always read the opposite one first, and mark the items that are true about us, add notes, then trade back and read. It’s like I get a road-map to my Husband, and he gets one for me! Haha, and no, we don’t let anyone borrow these books once we’ve written in them! (Click on the book cover to read more.)


The Power of Your Words
So many people have told me words have power. This book is my researching the subject. πŸ˜‰ (Click on the book cover to read more.)


Good or God
There’s a lot of good that I do, thinking that it’s God’s will. Sometimes it’s not. The message in this book called for “spirit honesty” on all good works. (Click on the book cover to read more.)


My Pastor shared this in a sermon series. How to tune in to the frequency that God speaks on. I needed this. πŸ™‚ (Click on the book cover to read more.)


The Moral Premise
This book was suggested with great vehemence to me as a absolute for writing practices. As I’ve been reading through it, I agree completely. (Click on the book cover to read more.)


Showing and Telling in Fiction
I searched out this book on my Kindle to help me understand the writing concept of Showing vs. Telling. It was great, but not for following to the letter. πŸ˜‰ (Click on the book cover to read more.)


Whispers: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond
This book was bought alongside ‘Frequency’ as a research help. (Click on the book cover to read more.)


The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: The Little Things That Make a Big Difference
This one caught my eye because it’s by the author who write ‘For Men Only’ and ‘For Women Only.’ It had some added suggestions and examples, and was a very short read. A good book for the bathroom reading opportunities. Well worth it. Good for marriage, like, a lot. (Click on the book cover to read more.)


The Battlefield of the Mind
There’s a constant battle going on in my mental regions. It’s harsh, cold, and messy. This book was my research into getting my mind under control. It’s dense, and full of helpful advise, but it isn’t a right-before-bed kind of read. It’s for the serious. Those ready to warpaint their face up! (Click on the book cover to read more.)


The Tree of Life Version Bible
Suggested by my church, this Bible has been the happiest book find of the Spring! (Okay, maybe not a “find” since Pastor Morris basically told us to buy it.) It’s a true Messianic, Scholars and Rabbi Translated version of the Bible, where Hebraic terms are used throughout to help reverence Adonai. IT WORKS. This is the Bible I do quiet times with now. I’m finding that the King James Version messed with the translation of Hebrew to English. I’m so grateful that I can have this Bible, because I grew up as a Christian and always wanted to see a bigger picture of what God was doing across the ages. This Bible didn’t just help me see it, it helps me FEEL it. I recommend fully. (Click on the book cover to read more.)


Star Trek Collectables
There are too many original Star Trek books added to my collection this spring to list all of them, thanks to my friend Sara. Last count was 60. If you used to enjoy the old school Star Trek, I can recommend the books written up to #83. (Or, dated until 1999.) They are clean, no sexual stuff, with very little language, if any, and lots of good ol’ Star Trek adventure. E-mail me if you’d like some direction on what to search for. (Click on the book cover to see more.)



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Keep on living loved!

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