Review of Captain America: Civil War

Disclaimer: very mild spoilers ahead.

The mere title of Captain America: Civil War made me feel disheartened and weary. One I wanted nothing to see. The words speak of a battle within. Granted, a battle may need to be fought, but still- it’s an idea of brothers fighting brothers.


Why on earth would I go near this movie? I hate conflict!


That’s the only reason I’d go near this movie. Husband asked. Asked really nicely. Again. Then again.

Date night is something that’s always needing a destination, sooooooo yeeeeeaaaah.


And it really was like watching brothers fight. And sisters. And complete strangers that really don’t know each other. Yeah. They all faced off in great fight choreography.


And I saw how they had no choice. They had to settle the dispute. Had to.

I really felt I would side with one side over the other in a big way. I didn’t! The writers did a great job of never putting my Marvel loyalties in jeopardy. I felt Tony Stark was right, and Captain America was right. Just so happened that Captain America saw the bigger truth, and Tony Stark was in error.

The surprise twist at the end was the point where it went from a disagreement to a life and death match. Two important individuals had been murdered, and justice needed to be served. But Captain America stood in the way. So, remove him.


The last moment of the entire fight was gripping. Because there WAS a moral right and a moral wrong, and anger led Tony Stark to a moral answer that was skewed. Captain America fought for the moral right with all his might, and, yes, was willing to die for that moral right.


After the movie, I found beauty in the struggle, because the one who stayed his moral, God-given compass, fictionally, brought understanding to the one who was lost.

And after it was all said and done, Tony Stark found his compass was a little straighter. Pointed due north a little better.

Living loved is about seeing the beauty that God put around us, and sometimes that beauty is meshed in with pain. One day, pain won’t be a part of the equation, for those who are in Christ Jesus. But, while it is, the struggle is fascinating to behold.

Tears are real, even when Hollywood is isn’t.


My takeaways from Captain America: Civil War :

  1. Stand alone when you know it’s right.
  2. Trust God to be your moral compass. (He created everything. He should know.)
  3. Love your brother, but trust God to be your moral compass over your brother.
  4. Fight the good fight, not the wrong one.
  5. Forgive.
  6. Move on.



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