Reminiscing: Gundam Wing

Am I getting old? Or is it just the dance of time around me?

Perhaps both.

What I can do but embrace it?

Today, I am reminiscing my all-time most-favorite anime:

Gundam Wing


PREMISE:  A war for power sees the dispatch of 5 gundam pilots to earth to fight for the colonies they represent. They discover their ultimate values by being thrown against their raw limits, and, in the process, save everyone, including those who betrayed them.

LIFE PLACEMENT:  I discovered this anime thanks to Toonami (Cartoon Network’s US introduction to Japanese anime) while in high school. But I only saw a handful of episodes since my family didn’t have cable. I ate up music videos that could tell me the story on the newish website YouTube.

I put together enough about the story to tide me over until college, where an acquaintance offered to let me borrow his Gundam Wing DVD set. (Thank you, David!!!) THEN, the true binge began and I watched the entire series in less than a month. (2004)

gw suits

FAVORITE OVER-ARCHING FEATURES:  I love a good space story. This anime won me over at the words “space colony” in the opening narration. The fact that this space story features 15 and 16 yr olds as main characters amid a backdrop of warring adults makes it even more winsome. The main theme is “fight for what you believe in.”


MY UNFAVORITE THINGS:  To get how people feel in the middle of war, they have to talk a lot. A. lot. A lot. Sometimes when I go through this series, I ache to jump ahead to the next point in the story with one of the gundam pilots. However, the long moments of talking/arguing make the action that much sweeter and the end of the petty power-seekers so full of righteous justice. I mean, because you listened to them drone on and on about their goals… Ugh.


MEANT TO ME:  As a teenager, I went through bouts of depression and internal hurt that left me needing someone, some thing, to be hurt and sad with me. Gundam Wing was a direct parallel for me. Sad things happened in the series, but they gave way to huge moments where hope would spring up. I felt the hope as my own.

Just as Heero, Trowa, and the other guys would hide in plain sight, I identified with that, too. I was nothing special at school, but I dreamed of the day I might be myself and be accepted for it.

The good news is I suffered a “wake-up call” my senior year at college. I embraced who Adonai created me to be soon after. Yay!


Now, it’s been years since I’ve watched the whole series, but its impact on my life has been vast. Even Husband has been curious about this show that infiltrates discussion every once in awhile. I’m excited to be able to introduce the show to him in the coming weeks. 😀

Nowadays, I think my past is forgotten in the beauty of a well-made series. The music, the dialog, the characters, make for a good backdrop for self-reflection. Doesn’t everyone wonder what type of person they’d become if suddenly in a war they can’t escape?

Here’s to the good guys.

And here’s to the Japanese, who loved Gundam Wing enough to build their own gundam. 🙂


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