Raisin-Cranberry Scones Fit for a Monday

So, it was a rough week.

The weekend wasn’t quite long enough, the zoning-out serious enough, nor the naps deep enough. (Wait, did I even get a nap??)

Nevertheless! Monday has arrived. The 2nd day of the week. Something that no one in the work world seems to want to acknowledge: since Monday is the 2nd day of the week, and the 1st day was a rest day, perhaps a gentler start is in order. None of this hurried, harried, hurtful hustle business.


To add a bit of Living Loved to this day, I busted out my scones recipe and tweaked, fluffed, and prayed up some comfort food. Boom. Raisin-Cranberry Scones were birthed. However, it wasn’t a “boom,” it was more of a harp sound. And it changed the whole course of the day.

Do you need a little hug today?




It even has some dark brown sugar sprinkled on top to go deep with you. *happy sigh*

So, without further ado, here’s the recipe. In PDF form. Click right here to get it: Keviana’s Raisin-Cranberry Scones Fit for a Monday

And when you realize this might help your week be gentler to you, share this with others. Help them. Because we all need love. ❤





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