Rain Forever

rainy dayRainy-day thoughts are, for me, emotional business.

I think about music and how it bursts inside me. How after 10 years of piano lessons, I still can only read music, not make it. How there isn’t a single instrument I can play out here in Fort Worth.

I think about people I miss. People I didn’t keep up with. Do they miss me, too?

I think about my life losses. Big ones. Small ones. Ones that are still causing pop-up windows in my head occasionally.

I think… I might be unlovable after all.

And that’s where the struggle begins.

See, living loved mandates that I don’t focus on the sad things about myself, my past, my future, my present.

Living loved fights back at that stuff.

Living loved says, look at this rain. God created it. He created you, too.

Living loved says, it’s been a rough path here, but God never left you alone. He’s good to give you the strength to know Him and His will for you.

Living loved says, yeah, we’ve loved people with all our guts, and maybe they’ve faded from our lives for forever, but that just means we hand them back to God and tell Him thank you for the part they played in our past. Then we trust He will bring new people to love, because He’s good at having way more resources than we can imagine.

Living loved says, you’ve got talents that God wants developed. And they may not be the talents that earn you applause or a medal, but they are important to Him. You still have the responsibility to offer them to Him each day. Who knows what beautiful things He will build with your gifts.

Living loved says, it may rain forever, yet you can smile. You aren’t alone, you have a purpose, you have relationship with the Creator of All Things, and He adores you.

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