Preparing for Nanowrimo 2016

That time is upon me.

NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month.) Oh, thy blessed month of November!

It’s time to decide if I’m in or out. If I’m gut-checking and making-ready-the-brain for a 30-day blitz into words, or if I’m going to be leisurely on the chores/cooking, day-in/day-out, wife-speed of life. Because—let’s not mince words— Nanowrimo is brutal. Forget the fact that there’s 1,667 words a day to write. There’s also sleep hindrances and back soreness to battle. The theme song of each day becomes Kristina Horner’s voice, and sometimes you lose any and all inspiration and start thinking something is horribly wrong with you for being stuck on 38,420 words for three days in a row and you need help, help, help, because you are desperate to get unstuck and move forward, and hey, maybe it’s time to start copying names out of the phone directory.

Surviving is the hard part. Everything else is easy and almost fun.

This year? I have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not apprehension. Not fear. Not even excitement. It’s more a nagging thought that perhaps I will start but decide somewhere in the middle to stop.

Then, I’ll be all, why did I begin Nanowrimo in the first place?

I’m one of those preventative types that doesn’t approve of that behavior. If you start it, finish it! (Which is why my half-painted living room walls are starting to get to me. But that’s a different post.) So, if you won’t finish it, don’t start! Just pass, for crying out loud!


Well, against my better judgement, I’m preparing anyway. I’m going in. I’m going to do it, and my little Nanowrimo friends are all lined up to watch and cheer.

Or gasp in horror.

Whatever the ending looks like.

That means I’ll need to gather my staple Nanowrimo office supply list.

  • A new spiral notebook for ideas
  • Fancy, non-dry-out pens
  • USB thumb drive
  • A short list of ways to be good to myself (ice cream, chocolate, Epsom salt baths, a stuffed animal, CAFFEINE, sleep)
  • A laptop (check)
  • An idea (check)
  • A supportive/ encouraging Husband (triple check!)
  • Lots of prayer, asking the Great Creator for assistance (quadruple check!)

The past Nanos are behind me, only the new Nano before me. The countdown to November 1 has begun.

If you are planning on participating, look me up and friend me.

I will cheer for you, too.

Keep #LovingLoved and #StayHonest




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