Pictures of the New Pink Wig

I’ve been going through a bit of a pink phase this year. I want pink clothes, I want to look at pink art, I want pink flowers, pink eye shadow, pink lipstick, and, yes, I wish my hair were pink.

Pastel pink. Like a pink rose.

Anyway. I begged Husband for a cheap, pink wig so I would quit having urges to rush to some hairstylist and get my hair bleached and dyed.

Husband considered it fiscally, and $25 versus $130?

He bought me the wig.


And. I. Love. It.


Isn’t it cute?


Yes, it’s more of a dark pastel pink, but I love it anyway.



And on days where it’s just me at the house and I’m writing or editing for hours, I slip it on and feel beautiful!

Here’s the link to the one I got.

No pinks were harmed in the making of this Living Loved tale. <3

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