My Husband Teaches Me

couple102Husband listens to me. Sometimes he listens to things I say that I don’t even know I’m saying. I may be verbally downing myself, making my/our situation out to be something larger than God, or trying to control a situation/person that I have no ability to control. He hears that in my conversation.

He is quick to pray for me. For anything. (Especially for my control issues.) He prays God’s will, even when it’s hard, and 99.9% of the population would try to control or manipulate the situation.

Husband is quick to draw a line for me. “That’s not true about you.” “Quit beating yourself up.” “Honey, stop it. You would never say that about someone else, why on earth are you saying it about yourself?”

This is how my Husband teaches me,
— Let go.
— You’re loved.
— Don’t be sad.
— It’ll be okay.
— Your smile is beautiful.
— I will not allow you to be mean to you.

My Husband is constantly loving me into loving myself.

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