Mavericks vs Spurs February 2016

spurs1 For my birthday this year, Husband, bought me tickets to see my all-time favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs!!!

They came to town to play Husband’s team (Dallas Mavericks). One of the advantages of moving to the Metroplex is having the opportunity to see professional sports! (NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS, also called Professional Basketball, Football, Hockey, and Major League Soccer, respectively.)

Husband said that he wanted to give me a chance to see Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, Matt Bonner, Patty Mills, Kyle Anderson, and my other favorite players, just in case 2016 was the last time the big dogs played. (Retirement is coming for my Timmy, Manu, and Bonner. *gulp*) Husband even bought us matching shirts!

Spurs 0

The tickets he bought us came from a co-worker who had season passes, get this, in the MIDDLE SECTION of the American Airlines Center. That section has its own private bathrooms, its own private buffets, and its own waitresses! The seats are padded, and the view is much better than the upper level.

spurs6 spurs4


I was so excited when the game day finally arrived, I went full fan-girl on everything! I didn’t mind when the wait staff gave me a bit of a heckle for being a Spurs fan in the Mav’s house. I drank hot tea while waiting for the game to start and shared a huge piece of cake with Husband.




Husband encouraged me cheer for my team proudly. I got to see all of my guys in action! …Well, everyone but Tim Duncan. But, because the man has class, he had come to Dallas with the team. See the tall dude in the tan blazer? TIMMY!!!



Mainly because of the final score. Hee hee.


Spurs, 116 – Mavs, 90


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