Married and Learning Code Together


Husband and I decided we wanted to learn code together. Yeah, that’s a bit bizarre, but our reasons were good for giving it a go.

Husband codes in R for his job, and I know HTML. We both desired to know CSS and JavaScript and sought out cheap ways to learn that would fit both of our learning styles. Husband is more of a “minimum teaching, let me figure it out by doing” type of learner, and I’m more of a “maximum teaching, let me write it, let me try it, repeat” type of learner.


It’s a website where one can learn CSS and JavaScript for free. And they request each participant donate to the charity of their choice. It’s really cool.

It caters to teaching step-by-step and allowing the student to type examples of code right there on the screen. A learner can go as fast, or as slow, as they wish. It’s great!

They also offer message boards and chats with persons all over the world who are trying to learn the same thing you are- all for FREE. Everyone is encouraged to swallow their pride and ask for help whenever they get stuck.

So, we decided to start trying it.

Lo and behold, it’s been enriching our marriage in a lot of unexpected ways.

  • In communication of logical steps and processes
  • Working through our learning styles opposite of one another
  • Praising each other for accomplishments
  • Affirming each other’s natural abilities
  • Wanting to do more for others together
  • Working through frustrations better (which is huge in any marriage)

We would recommend this for any couples who are learners/ critical thinkers/ enjoy brainy activities/ and safe adventures.

Living loved sometimes means trying something new and being unsure, but doing it anyway.

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