Leave Two Things Undone

Welcome to a new year.

Vacation is over. Time to plug back in and find some semblance of a routine. *looks under couch* Just shout if you find one. *gives up and finds caffeine in a beautiful can of Dr. Pepper on the side table* Yum. Now we can boogie.

This year I am instigating a new plan in “to-do list” part of my brain and I’m telling you about it so you can consider the great implications it might have on your life, your wife’s life, or the cat’s. Why? Because no one’s “to-do list” part of their brain should spasm. I suspect I’m not the only one who experiences that weekly.

Because no one’s “to-do list” part of their brain should spasm.

The new idea has a long name, but I think it almost explains itself at a glance: Leave Two Things Undone.

Look. It’s all title-like with the capital first letters.

The basics are this.

  1. Realizing each morning the to-do list will be longer than I have daylight hours for.
  2. Realizing each morning I need to sift through the “good” things I need to do and find the “God” things I need to do.*
  3. When the to-do list is narrowed down to the uber-important, super-priority items, give yourself permission to leave two things undone.

That simple.

Here’s my problem.

I start each day with 9-20 little things (and big things) to get completed. (I’m sure with children, the number would be more like 20-40!) And I just can’t. let. any. of. them. go! *clings to items*

But, that’s not healthy. You know it, and I know it. We are killing ourselves trying to be super men and women and when we land in the doctor’s office we blame everything but ourselves and our lack of ability to rest or go at a feasible pace. Guilty! *raises hand, hesitantly looks around* Am I the only one?

Practicing this lightens my chest.

It calms my heartbeat.

It makes my day feel doable.

It’s too self-kind to NOT be shared on a site dedicated to #LivingLovedFirst!

Again, Flight Attendant Theory states that one must put on one’s oxygen mask before assisting others put theirs on.

I want to keep the priorities that Husband and I set the first year we were married. First God. Then each other and our self care. Then family. Then work. Then friends. Then everything else.

To execute priorities well means giving up some stress.

Being intentional about what I chose to put on the to-do list.

And being intentional about what I chose to leave undone.

I invite you to share.

Wait. Not my Dr. Pepper. *waves hand* In the experience. In the experience.

Get your own Dr. Pepper.

And heaven help you if that’s the to-do list item you leave undone…


*There’s a book on this.  “Good or God? Why Good Without God Isn’t Enough” by John Bevere


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