Juice Boxes Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

juicebox3When I was little, my family rarely (like, maybe twice) had juice boxes in the house. And I loved juice boxes.

Why no juice boxes? It was simple math, really. Me, plus four siblings, equaled five kids, all homeschooled, and lots of lunches for my mother to be in charge of. The money definitely wasn’t going to juice boxes and I knew better than to ask.

Years and years passed, and I developed a grown-up love for the drinks that would get me through University. Mainly, the stuff with caffeine. Instead of what I had longed for as a kid, my pocket money went to the stuff that would keep me going. My favorites were an ice-cold Coke-Cola or a Venti Iced Caramel Machiotto.

After I graduated, when I didn’t have any late-night papers to write, I found I couldn’t drink as much caffeine. Entering the work force, I used orange juice as a morning pick-me-up, and Coke-Cola as a mark for the weekend.

Fast forward some more and I had completely forgotten about juice boxes.

After meeting Husband and marrying him, after quitting my job due to migraines and lack of nightly sleep, and after moving across the state of Texas, I found myself alone at home one day, watching a kid’s show called ‘Odd Squad.’

This ‘Odd Squad’ show was an educational program geared to help grade-school young ‘uns learn their mathematics. The big boss of the show was a fiery little lady named Ms. O.

And Ms. O loved one thing.

Juice boxes.

She always had a box with one of those purple crazy straws in it.

But, I didn’t really notice.

See, I watched every episode I could get my hands on because I had a lot of migraines back then. I would watch episode after episode while waiting for migraine meds to quit making me feel so dizzy so I could get up and clean or something. So, I ended up watching many of the episodes over three times. The plot, the cast, the adventures, they made me happy.

It was near the end of that time that it hit me.

I loved juice boxes, too!

And I did the grocery shopping!

That’s when I realized: juice boxes aren’t just for kids anymore.

That brings me to present day.

If you open my fridge, you will find multiple flavors of juice boxes. Yes. I have no children, nor children visiting. They are simply my special treat. They make me smile and they make me feel like everything’s going to be okay.

Here are my favorite flavors to date:

juicebox1 juicebox2

Thanks, Odd Squad and Ms. O, for helping me remember what was lost. It’s not lost anymore.

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