It Fell In


There is only a little danger in bringing electronics into the bathroom.

That little danger is only due to copious amounts of water exposure. So what? I’m still going to read my Kindle in the bathtub. I’m still going to brush my teeth with my phone by the sink. I will still blow-dry my hair while blasting music from my laptop. The danger is only a little danger.

I mean, until it isn’t.

Today, that little danger jumped me. Either that, or my Kindle leapt into its awaiting arms.

I was straightening the little bath mat in front of the toilet, because a crooked bath mat cannot be ignored when one likes all things uniform, when my grip on my Kindle failed.

The worst part was how the Kindle teased me, balancing on that open seat, teetering and tottering, giving my alarm enough time to grow and my mind enough time to think, “GRAB IT!”


Too late.

Yeah, I was quick to pull it out. Panic. Dry it off. Panic. Pull it out of it’s case. Panic.

It still lit up and behaved just fine. Further testing even proved the damage was non-existent. But, ew, the sheer idea of germs.

The bathroom danger changed in my worldview right then.


Oh, there’s more than a little danger in bringing electronics into the bathroom.

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