Fort Lauderdale Adventure

Husband and I went on our first vacation!

We didn’t really know what to expect from Fort Lauderdale, since I’d only been there once- to use the airport as a gateway to Delray Beach- and Husband had never been. Our hope was to spend six days breathing the sea air, resting, and generally slowing down.

We were able to do all this and more!


Southwest took us to Fort Lauderdale straight from their home base in Dallas, Texas: Love Field. It was a pleasant non-stop experience and they will be getting their own blog post later, so I will be sure to link for those unacquainted with Southwest Airlines.

Fort Lauderdale’s airport has a “RUN! THERE’S THE BAG! EXCUSE ME, PEOPLE!” kind of baggage pickup area, so I would warn any traveling there to just breathe through this. We needed our bags, so we dealt with the stress, but it left me needing chocolate ice cream. For dead serious.

Picking up the rental car was much easier, but also with its hassles. I had prepaid Avis for a Camero, but when we arrived, they were all out. We talked it through, obtained a discount (thank you, Avis), and decided to spend more $$ for the experience of driving, wait for it…

A 2016 Jaguar XF.


It wound up being a blessing, because we ended up taking an 8-hr roadtrip in this baby, and it handled. like. a. dream! So smooth.

Our pre-selected, pre-paid hotel suite awaited us. The GalleryOne DoubleTree Hilton was our selection, based on:

  1. Its proximity to the airport.
  2. Cost compared to cheaper hotels in the area.
  3. Distance from the beach (paying a fortune to be ON the beach wasn’t possible this go-round)
  4. Suites available with a view.
  5. Not being surrounded by sketchy neighborhoods (Google Maps Street View so helped)

FL5The suite was PERFECT for Husband and I, who enjoy modern furnishings. Our balcony was great, the kitchen complete, and the shower was HUGE!

FL7 FL8 We had a great view of the inter-coastal waterways. Watching this for hours would later show us how lost we were in all things nautical.

FL11FL10That’s the ocean out there!!!!

FL14The view was even great at night! Lots of photo opportunities!

FL15FL13 FL16In pictures, the boats look like they move fast, but they don’t. It’s a lazy action to stare at a boat as it goes. So peaceful, even.

FL17GalleryOne DoubleTree Hilton did two things correctly.

Firstly, they greeted everyone with a warm, special recipe, chocolate chip cookie. They were divine cookies. Divine, I say!

Secondly, their chefs knew their stuff. The food was spectacular! All the time! Yum-yum-little-li-yum-yum!

FL18  FL20 FL23The pancakes below were chocolate chip cookie pancakes. Guess which cookie batter they used? Yep. The special recipe! I had these TWICE during our stay, and I’m STILL craving more! OH! SO. GOOD!

FL19 FL24Of course, we tried a local restaurant with amazing reviews: Coconuts!

Not just once, but TWICE. Yes, they were that good.

FL25 FL27 FL28 FL29We had fun relaxing on the beach. We snapped these pictures of the first time we each touched the Atlantic. So fun.

FL31 FL32We stayed in our suite quite a bit, lounging, resting, and, yes, playing games. If you’ve never tried playing Five Crowns, you’re missing out! It’s for 2-7 players, and two players can get a full ten rounds in 45 minutes. Husband discovered it on Amazon before the trip and bought it for us. The friendly competition strained our Marriage Vows, but we persevered, haha!

FL34One time, Husband beat me with his low score of 4. My sad 101 made me want to throw a pillow at him! 😉

FL35We decided the rental car was so smooth, we should take advantage of it! Tales of the Keys had been told to us by many friends who’d heard we’d be traveling to Florida, and we thought maybe we should go have a look-see.

Normally, this wouldn’t be possible, because I have severe motion sickness. (Dramamine for every trip, re-dosing at 3hrs 45mins, and wrist bracelets, and ginger essential oil, and melaleuca essential oil, and no heavy eating, etc, etc. It’s always been bad, ever since I was an infant.) Thank you, Lord, for the okay to upgrade to a Jag! It made the trip something I actually wanted to do! Which made me think I was crazy! A 4-hr one-way journey?!

Yeah, it will get it’s own blog post, too.

We went, and I’m so glad we did! It was a beautiful drive, and the sun felt wonderful! Lots to do and see in the Keys, but we only stopped a couple of times.

FL38 FL39 FL40 FL41 FL42 FL43 FL44 FL45 FL46 FL47 FL48Altogether, it was a wonderful, sweet, precious time with my Husband and the God who created us. I can easily recommend Fort Lauderdale to anyone wanting to get away. Vacation.

Living loved means sometimes you do that.

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