Deciding to Try Super Juice Me by Jason Vale

It all started with a search for juicing recipes.

Mrs. Awesome, my dear friend and temporary housemate, came home from a night out with Mr. Awesome and an almost-crazy sparkle in her eye. She warned me to listen, then think about what she was about to propose over the weekend. Something of this magnitude could not be entered into without thought. And prayer. Of course.

Her suggestion would change our month of May. Drastically.

“Let’s all do juicing for 28 days.”


On the recommendation of a co-worker, Mr. Awesome had bought Mrs. Awesome Jason Vale’s App SuperJuiceMe! for $2.99, hoping the recipes it held would be what she’d searched for. Little did he know, this was an incredible app, with not only recipes, but video content, a link to a documentary, a calendar with reminders, pep talks, and a way to generate shopping lists from the recipes. It was a phenomenon he’d bought his wife!

She let me look at the App.
I bought it.
I showed it to Husband.
He was interested.

So! What questions did we have before committing to this thing? Commence with the research!

The concept highlighted throughout everything we looked at and watched about this insanity way of eating pointed to the idea of removing toxicity, and adding nutrition. In theory, this gives a body a chance to heal. A chance to withdraw from the Western way of eating. A chance to feel better, and stay better.

There were shorter time plans (3-day, 5-day, 7-day) one could choose to juice for. But we kept being drawn back to the 28-day plan.

Logistically, we had what we needed in required kitchen appliances, in time to prep, and in money (per couple it would cost around $750 for the 28 days.) And we agreed we could get the shopping done. The big deciding factors came down to, is this a G-d thing? Would this impact our health and habits in a more meaningful way than a diet? Would we each stick it out?

28 days is a long time.

We did our praying, discussing, and thinking. We agreed the timing seemed G-d ordained. The four of us are in a unique temporary living situation, being under one roof. Many hands make light work, so to speak, and there’s power in numbers. We also saw that eating this way (vegetables and fruits) matched what Daniel did in the Bible. If we “broke free” of the way eating is done in the USA for a bit, maybe it’d help us get our thinking straight on what nutrition is supposed to look like. If we felt better, of course we’d stick it out!

That decided, we watched Jason Vale’s Big Juice Experiment, the Super Juice Me! Documentary.

My biggest take away: we overweight people are starving. And that’s an Evil Squirrel.

I plan on blogging this experiment in detail and I hope my blogging this journey will inspire someone else to try it one day.


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