Dating Changes


Sometimes, a wife and husband try really hard to date.
Sometimes, a wife and husband have date nights spoiled by the calendar.
Sometimes, it’s often.
Sometimes, it’s every. freakin’. time.
Sometimes, a wife and husband need a new game plan.

Yeah, I’m talking about Husband and I.

We moved to Fort Worth with every intention of dating each other. We even blocked off a specific night each week for dates.

It failed. Bombed.

Evenings were when the stress and tiredness of the day would convince us we were too tired to take another step. Much less fight traffic, find a restaurant, wait for a table, order, eat, talk, go for ice cream or something, then head back to the house to wind down.

Introverts don’t do that when they are tired. We tend to, um, hide. Burrow. Stay in our Hobbit hole.

We needed a new game plan like we needed oxygen. Our “togetherness” was showing the wear and tear of the pace.

As they say in the movies, “No good can come from this!”

So we prayed and came up with a new plan.

Energy was the issue, so our big change was slipping date time to the lunch hour. This would insure our good, mid-day, happy, energy times would go to each other.


We decided to meet Mondays and Fridays to eat lunch together. Mondays are when most people are beginning the craziest part of the week. This gives Husband something really nice to look forward to in the middle of that day: me! And Fridays are when most people are coming down from the grind of the week. As a wife, that’s when I have lots to tell Husband, so it made the end of the week better for us to meet together.


We also determined we needed a little fun to off-set any stress. And we didn’t need to go out, or be around people. We just needed some game time during a down-time. So, we selected Wednesday nights as our own private game time. We show up in pajamas and play a card game. Or, Dr. Mario. Or, a thumb war. (Hey, energy was a problem with us, remember?)

We gave it an initial trial run and were impressed by how much marital energy these little dates gave us. It’s marvelous! Being together like this actually creates energy for us. We had no idea it could be this fun to date!

We are communicating more, working through unseen issues better, and you know that marital bedtime stuff? Yeah. It’s better, too. 😉

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