Character List Creation for Novels


The leadership I sit under in my Critique Group knows a thing or two.

Recently, the concept of naming was discussed. And further, the idea of book character names being different.

My mentors suggested to the group newbies that we create a name file. And, in it, record each and every name we use and in what books. That way, readers who follow us won’t be confused.

I did this today, creating the first Word document file of all my characters’ names. It wasn’t an enormous list, but it was large enough to show me this is an important concept.

Often when I name a novel character, I’m going with

    •  Name Meaning
    •  Sound
    •  Look

Now, I will add a fourth item:

  • Beginning Letter

Once my list was compiled and alphabetized, I could see plainly that I had similar names in the A’s, S’, and D’s. I need to work on that before these are published. 🙂

This could work for any creative process that needs to not duplicate names or words.

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