Singles and Marrieds alike agree: the best part of love is being caught.

Loved. Held. Entranced. Overwhelmed with “keptness.”


Today is Valentine’s Day.

I have friends who are single and caught, single and uncaught. Friends who are married and caught, and friends who are divorced and uncaught.

Today is a day not to hear what I would say—since it’s such a sensitive, highly hurt-able, insecure, fragile place in all of us— but a day to hear what God would say to us. Not that I’m any good at repeating what He tells us perfectly in His Word, the Bible, but I want to say it in case you’ve forgotten, or perhaps you’ve never heard it before…

He, Creator of all that is seen and unseen, desires you.

He loves that He made you.

He loves how He made you.

And He wanted to catch you so bad, He came close. He reached out His hands. He loves you. Yes, you.

He wants to catch you, every inch of you, so He can declare you “caught” for eternity.

Please don’t run, my friend.

Just be caught. 🙂

“I’ve got you”




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