Jalapeño Poppers Easysville 

Keviana's Jalapeño Poppers Easysville

I’ve always wanted to make jalapeño poppers, but never never NEVER did I want to spend an entire afternoon making them. So, after watching several YouTube videos, I came up with my own recipe that could be made quickly and easily. My cheat? Precooked bacon. Oh yeah, baby. On trial day, my Sister and Husband […]

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Update on Fruit Water Foray

Husband and I joined a Gateway Couples Group and we went to the first gathering recently. We love them already! Guess what they had there, y’all. Fruit water!!!! It was so cool to see a pitcher specifically made for it! Such a refreshing mix! My heart was giddy to be around fruit water at a […]

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My First Foray Into Fruit Water

One of the things we have grown to love at Husband’s workplace is the cafeteria, and how this health-savvy bunch has  huge amounts of fresh fruit water— of all types—readily available during lunch hours.  I seriously had no idea that citrus fruits, pineapple, mint, and berries made for such flavorful ice water. Oh, my newfound […]

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