Accidental 60’s Haircut

Today I went into the small town of Justin, Texas, for a pedicure and haircut. Husband insisted I find a place to help me “feel pretty” and this was the location I chose.

I really enjoyed their service, how quiet it was, and how close it was to our home.

The Pedicure was great. My summer toes are ready for sunshine and barefoot walking.

The haircut?

Well, I was pleased with the “trimming” part.

It was the hair style at the end.

The most surprising volume was round-brushed into my hair. It was at least three astounding inches.

I like to make everyone think they are alright in my book and applaud their efforts. She really was trying! I gave her some kind words about the cut, looking in horror awe at myself in the mirror.

I FaceTimed my Mom from the car. My younger sister was with her. My Mom laughed. Sister had the same horror awe on her face that I had had minutes before. They made sure it was just hairspray, that it really would look more like me after a wash, and hung up.

At this point, I am finding the joy in the situation. The bright side.

I FaceTimed Husband.

We. Laughed. So. Hard.

He thanked me for showing him what the 60’s were like, wiped the laugh-tears out of his eyes, and told me he loved me. I told him I hoped his day was made. He begged for pictures to remember this by later. No way. I didn’t want pictures to remember this by, no matter HOW funny it was. Bye-bye, kiss kiss, see you later.

So. At home, I go Googling women’s hairstyles in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.



I confirmed it quite quickly: my new ‘do was reminiscent of the 60’s.


Maybe I could pull this off.

I mean, I will have to wash the ocean of hairspray the lady used on my hair out before bed.

Might as well have some fun before then.

And give Husband something to remember this by.

I grabbed a scarf, a bit of lipstick, my hair flowers, and my iPhone. For 20 minutes, I became a 1960’s model.

And, I tell you what, it WAS FUN!!!


Soon I forgot that I had looked in horror awe at myself in the mirror.


Volume like this should be celebrated!


All in all, the Accidental 60’s Haircut turned out to be pretty fun!


Keep on living loved!


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