I’m Keviana Elliot.

But I like for my friends to call me Kevi.

Let’s cut to the chase.

My motto is #LivingLovedFirst and I hope you adopt it for yourself, too.

Be my friend long enough to let me explain (or until you reach the end of this page).

“Living loved” is a concept I began to grasp recently. Like, last four years, recently. There are a lot of people out there that don’t love themselves. At all. They don’t like themselves because of this reason or that reason. I used to be one of them, too. I knew all the inner things to tell myself.

  • You’re ugly.
  • You don’t fit in.
  • You have anything to offer the world.
  • You can’t help anyone.
  • Your career is a mess.
  • You aren’t smart.
  • You’re overweight.
  • You don’t do good things.
  • Everyone has their life together except for you.
  • You can’t provide for yourself.
  • You aren’t worth much.

On and on, like a broken record in my head.


I was rescued.

And, if this is touching a hurt place inside of you, I daresay you can be rescued, too.

And it’s as simple as this idea of #LivingLovedFirst

It’s the idea of living life as a child of God, then doing everything else out of that love.

For those who think I’ve just crossed some sort of supernatural line, it’s okay. Angels exist. You may or may not know because you haven’t seen one recently. But maybe you realize that satanists do the supernatural things they do because satan actually exists, too.

Logical or not, the God of the Bible has proven to me He exists.

I’m a feeler: I needed to feel God with me to know He’s there. He’s done that, to where I can feel Him hugging me. He’s given me joy in a five minute span that had me laughing solidly, even though nothing in my situation changed.

I’m a thinker: I’ve needed proofs to understand the divine. He’s done that, too, in historical “coincidences” I’ve stumbled on, present “coincidences” involving the Bible, and giving me wisdom that makes me look intelligent to others, even though I’m not.

I’m a seeker: I’ve needed supernatural signs to solidify my faith in the Bible. He has given them. I have been completely healed of chronic migraines (12-15 per month ever since my wisdom teeth were removed in 2006.) I have prayed for an elderly woman in intense pain and her pain stopped. God has shown me the future a few times through dreams and visions.

The Great Creator has answered me in all these, and walks with me daily–watch this– because He is a relationship-driven God and it’s His way.

This loving relationship has nothing to do with me being special or extra-Godly or anything. (Did you see the list of thoughts I’ve had up there?) So that means you can have this sort of relationship with God. If you want it.

A person knows God, truly, when they are able to receive His love and give the excess to others.

For when we know we’re loved, we live differently, and we love others differently. More open, less guarded, more joyfully, less angry. We walk with our head up and our shoulders back. We smile, we listen, we care.

Again, only if we feel we are loved. Only if we know we are cared for. Only if we are someone in our identity.

We love, because He first loved us. -1 John 4:19 (TLV)

If this is completely foreign, maybe it’s what you’ve been missing.

I’m not an expert or anything on introducing people to God, but I have a peeps. 😉

You can have your pick, right here, right now. Pastor Robert Morris or Comedian Michael Jr. Click and see.

Once a person is made right with God through Jesus Christ, #LivingLovedFirst can begin.

It doesn’t mean living perfect. Pfft. Not possible even if that’s what it did mean.

It means figuring out who God says you are. What He thinks of you, as His child.

Then, it’s about receiving.

receiving the love.

Finding out all the head-lies are powerless.

Finding out the life of chasing after approval can die.

Finding out we’re free.

Because He wants us to be.

Sure, there’s lots to surrender, but before His love, I was surrendering to my negative head, the negativity and corruption of the world, and to pain. If I  surrender to Him, there’s no more of that. All these things don’t have power over me. (Okay, so I’m still working on getting my negative head out of those thinking habits, but it’s tons better. I can fall asleep at night, now!)

That’s the gist of it.


If you’re looking for the bio stuff every blogger/writer has on their page, here it is: I am a Child of God and the wife of a brilliant data scientist.  Introverts are my people. Science fiction novels are my current job. I write here for funsies. Husband and I currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas, and have roots that connect us to Lubbock, Abilene, and San Antonio, Texas. We like to watch the sky from our rocking chairs, and hold hands when we go walking.

Now. You can make your decision on me. Thanks for doing your research. 😉


If you’d like to contact me, reach me at keviana.elliot@gmail.com

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