A Review of German Chocolate Cake Cookies

IMG_2798Once upon a time, I stumbled across a Pinterest pin that showed these cookies of a German Chocolate Cake variety. I couldn’t help my instant curiosity. After all, cookies are my dessert of choice.

Following the link to Sandra’s adashofsanity.com, I was able to procure the recipe.

Oh my goodness. gracious. glory be!

I baked these little jewels for the first time I wanted Husband to make good impression at his workplace (please note, he really doesn’t need my help.) I flew through the cookie-making part, stumbled my way through the frosting-making part*, and laughed through the decorating part. These cookies are just good for the soul.


Apparently, Husband’s workplace thought so, too. They ate all of them. ALL of them. And I sent him with quite a few. He reported that even the co-worker that hates German Chocolate Cake liked these cookies! Wow. For days afterward, Husband told me tales of how co-workers he didn’t know would stop by and compliment the cookies. Later, he would get introduced to new hires as “This guy’s wife makes awesome cookies!”

Now you KNOW you’re wondering if you can do it, too.

You can, and you should.


Get the recipe here: http://www.adashofsanity.com/2014/01/german-chocolate-cake-cookies/

And be sure to let us know how they turn out. They are a must-have recipe for anyone who loves cookies.

*Beware the part where you cook up the frosting. Mine has always taken way longer than the recipe suggests. Way. Longer. Don’t pull yours early. Watch for a slight browning to occur.

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