A Review of Audrey Assad’s ‘Inheritance’

Going through tough times creates a force in people to do a great many things. In myself, the trial of migraines has always pushed me to find more “comforting” music. When I find it, my soul is brought encouragement and peace. This is one that came most recently (March 2016). If you’ve never heard of Audrey Assad, here is a small taste. Listen while you read on.

I discovered this girl’s music only a year ago. I believe I was searching new music on Amazon Prime in the Christian genre. She came up and I was intrigued by the name of the song, “I Shall Not Want.” In my life, I was in a place of intense need. I believed that God was and is and will be my Provider, but my soul was crying from the situations Husband and I were facing. Checking out the song proved a soothing reminder of Who cares for me and my world.

Now, Husband and I are in a much better place, with more laughter and beauty. That’s why, when I saw of this album’s release, I tried it out before I bought it. Haha, I wanted to be sure the message was positive and wouldn’t be a downer. (Some Christian music does that.)

I was pleasantly surprised then, and I am still pleasantly surprised. The music hasn’t gotten old, not after several, several plays.

Audrey took old hymns and made them each an epic art-arc of blessings for the One True God, and somehow made it sound as if the angels, themselves, were the ones singing of His glory. The original pieces offered fit right into the style and feel of the album.

There are plenty of lilting vocals in every song. The atmosphere created by these songs is one of a candle-lit, reverent and quiet, home with soft places to sit and think and be grateful. Almost offering an air of 1,000 blessings. My heart joins in with “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “How Can I Keep From Singing”, and I always sing with “It Is Well With My Soul.”

In the beginning, you hovered over the water
You broke an unbroken silence
You spoke light into darkness
And there was light

~”New Every Morning” by Audrey Assad

It will be this album that causes me to care about what Audrey does next. Her music feels to be a direct offering to God. And that is exactly the type of music I will expose myself to over and over again.

If you are needing a new album to bring peace, encouragement, and a deeper love for Elohim, you might want to check out this album, as well as Audrey Assad’s earlier works. ‘Inheritance’ gets my stamp of approval as an album that promotes living loved.


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