A Return to WordPress

journalLet’s face it.

I am no daily-HTML crafter.

Trying to create a new page for each new post, WITH a picture, WITH all the appropriate links, WITH being sure that everything worked while trying to juggle wife life, writing, and occasional migraines was NOT working.

Thank the Lord for David, my website host. Getting me moved to WordPress was a simple thing for him, and now I’m breathing big sighs of relief and wondering why the heck I didn’t do it sooner!

WordPress is where I got my start. It’s like a warm, fuzzy blanket on the couch when your feet are cold because the house is a chilly 66-degrees F. WordPress is my old stomping grounds. So familiar. I didn’t even hesitate to sit down this morning to write this. Because it’s SO EASY. So simple. Just sit down. Type. Relax. Pour thoughts out. Finish. Reread. Oh, and pick a pic. Heehee.

It’s so good to be back.

Maybe some of today’s stress disorders are due to people using systems, tools, and situations to complete tasks that plain. stresses. them. out! No one should be forced into that. I know it has to happen in some circles (like, medical practice, aeronautics, grade school, etc.,) but maybe that stress is undue and is hurting us in the long run.

Take me right now.

The HTML I was forcing myself to write put pressure on my “perfectionist” gland*, which put undue stress on my creative nature, which threw my entire existence into a state of off-kilter-something’s-off-ness. Once I laid down the problem (my inability to write HTML pages for blog posts) and embraced the solution (return to WordPress), everything began to settle into a happy, balanced state.

Even the WordPress generated spell-check lines of red are pleasing me.


Feels like peace.

Feels like I’m choosing to love myself again.



*said “perfectionist” gland is a fictional name for a problem I struggle with where I commonly hold myself to an impossible standard. The only antidote I have found for the “perfectionist” gland is this stuff called “mercy” and “grace”, which I seem to be capable of extending to others, but not myself so much. I’m workin’ on it! Part of Living Loved.

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    1. I knew getting you the big battery would create a sense of longevity, Sir! Recharging still has to happen.
      Either way, I’m glad you stopped by. Thank you! 🙂

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