Preparing for Nanowrimo 2016


That time is upon me. NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month.) Oh, thy blessed month of November! It’s time to decide if I’m in or out. If I’m gut-checking and making-ready-the-brain for a 30-day blitz into words, or if I’m going to be leisurely on the chores/cooking, day-in/day-out, wife-speed of life. Because—let’s not mince words— Nanowrimo is […]

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Nighttime Scenery Photos

I’ve begun taking nighttime photos around my church after Equip classes let out. It’s perfectly peaceful at that hour, with light fall breezes and crickets cheep-cheeping. People stand by their cars talking. No one is in a hurry to leave. I find safety in the nearby crowds, so I linger, too, and wander instead of […]

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Halloween Thoughts


This year, my church threw me for a loop. Made me stop and think. Instead of having a Fall Festival, they asked us, the church body, to get out and interact with neighbors on Halloween. Their encouragement is that Jesus loves everyone and calls us to follow His example in extending love. Too often, our […]

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Update on Fruit Water Foray


Husband and I joined a Gateway Couples Group and we went to the first gathering recently. We love them already! Guess what they had there, y’all. Fruit water!!!! It was so cool to see a pitcher specifically made for it! Such a refreshing mix! My heart was giddy to be around fruit water at a […]

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My First Foray Into Fruit Water

One of the things we have grown to love at Husband’s workplace is the cafeteria, and how this health-savvy bunch has  huge amounts of fresh fruit water— of all types—readily available during lunch hours.  I seriously had no idea that citrus fruits, pineapple, mint, and berries made for such flavorful ice water. Oh, my newfound […]

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