Singles and Marrieds alike agree: the best part of love is being caught. Loved. Held. Entranced. Overwhelmed with “keptness.” Caught. Today is Valentine’s Day. I have friends who are single and caught, single and uncaught. Friends who are married and caught, and friends who are divorced and uncaught. Today is a day not to hear […]

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The Song That Summed Up 2016

A friend of mine posted this question to his friends on Facebook: If you had to choose one song that summed up your past year, what would it be? I answered him with a request to blog over this. Last year’s song for me needed exploration. Needed to be touched. Held. Caressed. Bounced off a […]

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Poetry: Cream of the Crop

The Aleut said mocking, “the corner’s not cornered, it’s the cream of the crop.” “But the Bunsen’s not burning, and dear, the mop has rot and muff!” I fought. My argument fell a-light on the floor, for the Aleut saw dimly my sight. A cornering corner has no use for power if only to transpose […]

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